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COW Token

In order to bootstrap liquidity for CASH and build a community early on, the COW meme coin was created. It served as the testing grounds for initial functions of Cashio by providing rewards for the CASH LP pools in Quarry, and eventually served as the first test of the gauge function in Tribeca Protocol when the COW DAO was launched as The First Tribeca DAO.

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COW Token Distribution & Uses

  • 100% of COW supply will be distributed by fair launch as emissions on CASH LP pools.
  • Locking your COW in Tribeca gives you veCOW (voter escrowed COW) which increases your vote linearly depending on your length of time locked.
  • Every week, veCOW holders can vote on COW Gauges via Tribeca in order to sway COW emissions to their favorite pool.
  • 17% of CGT tokens will be distributed to veCOW holders in the form of CGT-SAVE token. Learn more about SAVE tokens here.