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Example DAO Actions

The Cashio DAO will alow CGT token holders to vote on the future direction of the Cashio Protocol. The possible actions the DAO could take are unbounded in theory, but for the sake of simplicity we can classify them in a few key areas with some examples - where the overarching goal in each is to increase the adoption of CASH:

Changes to core protocol

  • Implementation of patches/program upgrades.
  • Addition of new CASH LP pools
  • Addition of a new stable pair LPs for collateral to mint CASH.

Management of CGT Reserves

  • 38% of total CGT supply, possible uses include:
    • Liquidity Mining rewards.
    • Emissions for single sided CASH staking.
    • Emissions for CASH-backed NFT staking.
    • Bounties/ contribution incentives/ burn/ etc.

Gauge votes using Treasury permalocked veSBR/veSUNNY

  • Treasury will periodically convert rewarded SBR/SUNNY to veSBR/veSUNNY.
  • Treasury-owned veSBR/veSUNNY is permanently locked for 5 years to provide max boosts.
  • Cashio DAO's gauges are proxy votes that map to the treasury's own votes in SBR and SUNNY's CASH-paired gauges.
  • Updated weekly by governance token holders.

Deployment of non-SBR/SUNNY treasury profits

  • Fees collected from USDT-USDC LP farming
  • Fees collected from CASH burning
  • Can be used to pay additional development costs outlined in proposals.