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Pre-DAO Use Case

DeFi traders often use stable pair LP farms to earn modest yields while minimizing expected losses. Unfortunately, these yields are usually in the low single digits using traditional stable coin LPs for staking.

Cashio provides a trustless, decentralized stable coin which also boosts yield on CASH LP pairs as a result of reward token incentives being strategically targeted towards CASH LP farms via Tribeca Protocol Gauges on Sunny, Saber, and COW.

The Cashio app provides a simple interface to increase yield on stable coin pairs:

  1. Deposit stable pair liquidity into Saber in exchange for LP tokens.
  2. Deposit the LP tokens into Cashio in order to print $CASH
  3. Deposit $CASH with other stable coins into Saber for $CASH LP tokens
  4. Use $CASH LP tokens in Sunny and Quarry to farm competitive APYs
  5. Participate in governance to work on further increasing $CASH adoption

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