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Post-DAO Use Cases

The possibilities for a DAO-operated, revenue generating stable coin are nearly endless. While each unit of $CASH is in circulation, the Cashio treasury continues to grow the amount of capital in the bank for use to invest into further increasing the incentives to hold $CASH. The current use case for $CASH is primarily to get CASH-paired LP tokens for yield farming. Although this provides decent returns (anywhere from 6-30% APY), this only scratches the surface of the role $CASH can play in DeFi and NFTs.

Important: This list is non exhaustive and includes mainly suggestions for potential future functionality, not concrete development plans endorsed by the core team.


  • The highest priority future use case: participate in the Saber Wars for increased yield from SBR/SUNNY through the Cashio DAO without having to lock up liquidity in SBR/SUNNY voting escrow lockers - maximizing collective voting power of CASH holders in deciding where rewards flow.
    • Users vote on gauges using their cashio governance token (CGT) in the CASH DAO, where the gauge votes trigger the CASH DAO's own treasury to automatically vote in the respective SUNNY/SBR gauges using the rewards automatically generated in the treasury.

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  • Partner with other DeFi protocols to include CASH or CGT in their projects (as collateral, for loans, boosts, etc).
  • Integrate CASH with Solana Pay so users can pay CASH and stores instantly receive the equivalent value in USDC/SOL.


  • Launch NFTs minted using govToken that can be burned at any time in order to redeem underlying CGT. (Similar to Marinade)
    • NFTs provide voting power equal to a govToken amount used to mint being max locked in the voter escrow, but never decays. This provides the utility.
    • NFTs must have a capped supply or capped mint period.
    • Early adopters benefit from a limited-downside NFT with real governance utility, while supporting the purpose of the Cashio DAO in increasing adoption of CASH.
  • Alternatively, launch NFTs minted using CASH to create the equivalent of 20, 50, 100, or whatever denomination dollar bills in NFT form.
    • Utility could be done in the form of DAO allocating govTokens to an emission pool for staking CASH-backed NFTs, weighted by the amount of CASH backing each NFT.
    • Requires similar capped supply or mint period to work.
    • Staking NFTs can be added under the "earn" tab.
  • Art could be of fun variations of American founding fathers (think lit Jesus style) and the mint site could have multiple buttons to mint NFTs of different variations. (E.g. Pay 100 for the Ben Franklin CASH NFT, assuming they are CASH-backed and not CGT-backed).