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What is Cashio?

Cashio is a decentralized application that allows users to do two things:

  1. Print a USD pegged stable coin - $CASH - by depositing stable pair LP tokens of corresponding value as collateral.
  2. Burn $CASH to redeem the underlying LP tokens.

$CASH can be leveraged in DeFi for competetive yields from stable coins (consistently double digit APY), used as a decentralized store of value/medium of exchange, or swapped with any other traditional stable coin on the market at a 1:1 ratio.

A user deposits stable pair LP tokens to the Cashio protocol, where deposits are staked into Sunny Aggregator and Quarry in a Crate for $SUNNY * $SBR yields via Arrow Protocol.

Bottom line: This creates a DAO treasury that grows as long as people hold $CASH. Hence: (💵,💵)

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